Cosyfit Safespaces

cosyfita robust high-sided sleep area, which can be easily dismantled and stored

Who it’s for

The Cosyfit is designed for individuals with limited mobility and is robust enough for adults and children who may rock, thrash about, push or kick. For those with the ability to stand, walk, pull to standing or climb, we usually recommend the Safespace. The Cosyfit also creates a safe environment for those who may otherwise be restricted to a wheelchair.

See our films page of the Cosyfit in use.

It’s the best thing we’ve ever got for him

Even though it has only been a short time since it arrived Joseph’s sleeping pattern has shown improvements and this has been of great benefit to all the family. For the first time in nearly seven years we overslept due to Joseph’s improved sleep! I can usually rely on him to wake the entire household anywhere between 3am and 6am. Last Monday I was horrified and yet delighted to find that it was 7.30am and no one else was awake! It’s the best thing we’ve ever got for him.

Christine Francis, Wirral



It is used mainly as a safe bed for those at risk of falling or hurting themselves on metal or wooden bed surrounds.  Its soft, high sides, open top and large viewing panel create a comfortable sleep area.

The large soft window on one or both sides allows light in and creates a sense of space whilst allowing the user to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment. This also helps with communication and reduces the feeling of isolation or containment experienced by those in beds with very high sides.

Users will often seek it out at other times too, to relax or play - a place to feel safe in. The Cosyfit provides much needed peace of mind for carers and parents, reducing anxieties about injuries from falls, rolling and seizures. Noise levels are reduced as there are no hard surfaces to bang on.

The Cosyfit can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage, making it ideal for respite centres and care homes.



  • 3 reinforced padded side panels and 1 opening side with a mattress as standard.
  • Can be pushed against a wall where space is limited.
  • Front panel can be fully opened and fastened to the side, providing a large open area.
  • The low floor makes it easy to step into.
  • Easy to dismantle and store.
  • Can be used with a ceiling track hoist or adapted for use with a mobile hoist.


Access Holes - can be provided to your specifications for gastrostomy, oxygen or other tubes.


Soft side with viewing panel – comes with one as standard with the option for a second on the opposite side to create more light and allowing access for carers from both sides.

Water resistant lycra covered memory foam top mattress.

Platform – if a mobile hoist is required and space is an issue we can supply a Platform. For most situations that require a mobile hoist we would recommend the Siesta.

Manual profiling set – a foam wedge for 2-position back support and a cylinder roll to act as a knee break.

Fibre optics kit

For more details see Accessories.


Usually single bed size and 147cm (58”) high as below. Custom sizes up to 200cm x 200cm (79” x 79”).  The height can be reduced to 100cm (39”) dependent on the mobility of the user.

External length, width and height  200cm x 110cm x 147cm (79” x 43” x 58”)

Internal length, width and height  183cm x 91cm x 132cm (72” x 36” x 52”)

Mattress depth  15cm (6”)

Sleeps all night, every night since he’s had it

The young man’s parents were sceptical when I first suggested one, but as we had one in our stores, I persuaded them to at least trial it. After all, they had not slept properly for 13 years. I phoned to see how it was going after approximately 6 weeks.

His father was raving about it. ‘It is unbelievable!’ he said. His son sleeps all night, every night since he’s had it. They are so happy, as they have never had so much sleep. Their son shows his new bed to everyone who visits the house.

Gordon Heath, Senior Occupational Therapist, Cannock and Lichfield Children’s Disability Service