Funding Advice for Safespaces Products

Most people who need Safespaces products have been able to obtain funding. We can offer information and support regarding the available options. We have a good relationship with a number of charities and can help with advise regarding charitable organisations.

Safespaces products have been bought as freestanding items of equipment and also as fixtures or as part of housing adaptaions.

Disabled Facilities Grant

This is a fast growing means of funding a Safespace for a room. There is no means testing of families of disabled children under 19 years. The Safespace changes the use of a whole room in the same way as traditional room padding. It can be bolted to the floor so it meets the criteria for a permanent room alteration.

Many local authorities have funded a Safespace using the Disabled Facilities Grant and we are more than happy to put your council in touch with other, often neighbouring councils who have been through the approval process.

Social Services grants

Generally there are a few different budgets available. Typically they are Equipment or Adaptations budgets. The Safespace can be supplied as a free-standing piece of equipment and it can also be viewed as a room adaptation. The Cosyfit and the Voyager are often bought using the Equipment budget.

Hospitals and Community Loan Stores

Occasionally Safespaces products are bought by hospitals or Community Loan Stores. They are then loaned out to you on a long term basis, but remain the property of the hospital or loan store. Your paediatrician, O.T. or social worker may be able to advise you whether your hospital is likely to do this for you. Community Loan Stores are usually part of social services, ask your social worker or O.T. for information.

Charitable Funding

Charitable funding is important to our clients, many people would not have a Safespace, Cosyfit or Voyager without it.

We have a list of charities who have funded Safespaces products in the past. Charities normally prefer you to have already tried to access funding through your OT or healthcare worker first.

We hope this information is helpful. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for advice in your individual case.