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Success Stories Safespace

The Safespace has worked really well in all aspects

The Safespace has worked really well in all aspects. We use the Safespace as a multi functional area where pupils are able to complete classroom work in a calm and safe positive environment, also for pupils who are experiencing behaviour challenges and require somewhere they feel safe and can spend time to reflect and have their needs met.

Amanda Rowland, The Beacon School, Kent

Success Stories- Safespace sensory

Some great feedback about our services

I would like to personally thank you for your highly professional and flexible approach in resolving this. By pulling together we were able to reunite a distressed child with his family.

Paul Frampton, Senior Occupational Therapist


2m x 2m open

Paul Frampton, Senior Occupational Therapist, Jigsaw Service, Southampton City Council

Her voice has shown how happy she truly is...

Amy’s only just came home from school and her voice has shown how happy she truly is. She has been enjoying exploring the new Cosyfit and is so happy.


Amanda Robertson, parent

A 14 year success story

Over 14 years ago we installed a Safespace in Halifax and were delighted to recently receive this feedback from her mum Rachel:
Happy New Year ! Here is a brief update to let you know how Hannah is doing.I wanted to let you see that the Safespace is still working for Hannah and how it has really helped with her night time routine.
This has barely changed over the years and Hannah very rarely objects to going to bed at bed time. She is usually very keen to go and will even let us know in her own way if she wants to go to bed early. She still finds the Safespace a calm and relaxing place to be. If she wakes in the night she will usually chat to herself – and we continue to have peace of mind knowing that she is safe. It’s hard to believe that it’s over 14 years since Hannah got her Safespace. I confess we now take it for granted but I don’t like to think how things may have turned out for us without it.
Hannah's Safespace
Click here to watch the film of Hannah 6 years after it was installed.

Success Stories Safespace

We are glad to recieve this great feedback from Fiona Gemmell, Team Leader of the Disability Resource Team in East Lothian

I visited my client today which reminded me to contact you to say a big thank you to you and your colleagues at Safespace. He is really settled back at home, is in a better sleep routine, and is sleeping through the night. The Community Learning Disability Nurse was with me today and we were remarking that the bed is really working for D. We acknowledged it was early days and no doubt his behaviours will change but for now he is enjoying a very settled time at home and the Safespace is very much part of his care plan.

Fiona Gemmell

Success stories safespace 1

He thinks he's the King of the castle with his Safespace.....

My grandson Thomas is doing really well and thinks he is the king of the castle with his Safespace. He will take himself to his Safespace whenever he wants to. The technicians that came were polite and courteous. They were lovely boys and cleaned up behind themselves. I would recommend Safespaces both for products and staff.

Rita Hough, Wakefield

Success Stories- Safespace sensory

Our Safespace got installed today, we just want to say a hugeeeeee thank you ! And this will help us so much …. thank you.

Safespace 1 Safespace 2

K.Eyre, Sheffield

Safespaces Voyager Compact

We are delighted with the Safespace Voyager Compact that we have. It has made a huge difference when Jack stays with us for a few days each week. He now has his own lovely comfy bed and is safe.

Terry Thomson

Success Stories Safespace

As soon as George saw it he went and got his quilt, pillow & comforter and put them in ready for the night....

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a very big thank you for the delivery and erection of George’s new Safespace. The gentlemen who came to deliver and erect it were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the product and obviously love their job. As soon as George saw it he went and got his quilt, pillow & comforter and put them in ready for tonight. I’m sure that we will have as much success as we have had with The Voyager which has been a life saver over the past few months and transformed our holiday this year.

L.Hyner, Staffordshire

safespace from inside

The family sleeps much better knowing that Freddie is safe and secure....

The Safespace is the best thing ever and Freddie loves it. Bedtime is a much happier time for us all. The family sleeps much better knowing that Freddie is safe and secure. He is unable to bang on the walls and life has improved for the neighbours also. The process was so easy from start to finish. The service was quick, speedy and easy with lots of discussion around the family requirements. We received funding from Newlife and would also like to thank them.

N.G. Sheffield

Success stories safespace 1

Our Safespace has changed our lives....

Our Safespace has changed our lives and has had an impact on everyone in the family.
Danny has a safe area in the home that he feels safe and calm, he loves his Safespace and knows this is his den and others need to gain his permission to enter. We are also experiencing less melt downs. His brothers were able to sleep better at night, especially whilst going through exams at school and I am able to relax and sleep better knowing Danny is safe all night.
The Safespace is also every easy to clean and dry. I also recommend having the white wall on the back, this will be better for projectors, again this has a calming effect on Danny.
The staff at Safespace are so friendly and helpful when ever I have had to call for advise and has been a pleasure to meet. When we wanted to re-carpet the room, the staff that came out were very helpful when they came out to move the Safespace. This is more then a bed, this is a necessity for anyone with autism.
Thank you again for giving us our lives back!!

Joanne, Walsall

Success Stories- Safespace sensory

The Safespace is already having a positive impact on many of our children....

We are currently using our Safespace as (a) a chill-out room/calm down space for children who present with challenging behaviours, (b) a therapy and sensory space , (c) a cushioned are where children can make themselves comfortable and share a story with a grown-up. Although only in it’s infancy at Old Town, the Safespace is already having a positive impact on many of our children. The service we received was super and there was regular communication throughout the designing process to ensure that the bespoke Safespace was tailored to the exact specifications of our chosen space within school. The installation team were extremely professional and hard working in building the Safespace – in fact they were only on site for a minimal amount of time. We are extremely grateful to all of the Safespace team for all of their hard work and for making the design and installation so easy”.

Douglas Gubbins, Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Leader, Old Town Infant School & Nursery, Poole

New water bags on the Voyager, our safe travel bed

All the family are sleeping better knowing our son is safe at night

The Voyager is fantastic for us as a family. All the family are sleeping better knowing our son is safe at night. Our son was very ill recently and had to stay in hospital he was unsettled until we took the Voyager into hospital for him, he was able to feel safe secure and calm. This is a life changer for us and I am amazed at how much better family life is.

R.G, West Lothian

Success Stories- Safespace Hi-Lo

Would not have been able to attend school...

Our daughter Gracie would not have been able to attend her residential school without her Safespace Hi-Lo.

Sarah & Mark, Cheshire

Safespaces CosyFit

Had his first night in his new bed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience....

Newlife received these lovely photos of Thomas in his new Cosyfit bed which has made a huge difference!

Thomas’s Cosyfit

Success Stories Safespace

The Safespace has helped George’s bedtime routine

The Safespace has helped George’s bedtime routine. Prior to the Safespace I would have to settle George which took anything from one to three hours & sometimes failed altogether! Whilst I was settling George upstairs it left my older daughter Lucy (13) downstairs on her own for long periods of time. However, with the Safespace, bedtime is a very different experience! We can put on the sensory equipment & just sit quietly next to George & hold his hand & he will generally fall asleep within 30-45 minutes snuggled up in a relaxing, calm & safe environment. In the three short months we have had the Safespace we have seen huge improvements with George & our whole family. George settles much better & is increasing his independence at bedtime.


Kate Vann and George, Leicester

Safespace CosyFit Hi-Lo

We now no longer have to crisis manage after the children have arrived on the ward

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo allows us to support families with a child with very complex needs. It provides reassurance to families that we can provide a safe environment for the child. Before we had the use of the Cosyfit Hi-Lo we were not be able to provide safe care for some children, and had to cancel surgery for a couple of times. Now we use Safespaces rental service to have the Cosyfit Hi-Lo delivered when required. We now no longer have to crisis manage after the children have arrived on the ward, but can plan for their admission.


Tracy Cryer, Senior Sister, Paediatric Surgery Ward, Leeds General Hospital

Safespace CosyFit Hi-Lo

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is ideal for our purposes…

“We are a short break unit and therefore need to cater for all manner of disabilities. The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is ideal for our purposes, it has resolved several issues that we had. We use it instead of a hospital bed with cot sides and it is much safer. We now have children able to watch TV in bed through the window. We have always had excellent, quick service from your company.”

Sue Sewell, Lancashire

New water bags on the Voyager, our safe travel bed

Made the holiday stress-free and highly enjoyable…

“We have just returned from holiday in Florida and used the Voyager for the first time. To be able to place our son in a safe and secure environment, and to know that he is both happy (he loved it!) and safe, made the holiday stress-free and highly enjoyable. Such a simple yet life-changing piece of equipment.”

Michael Martin, Windsor