Safespaces Films

Hannah has used a Safespace for 6 years. It has helped give her and her family a normal sleeping pattern.

Max used a Safespace for twelve years. Without it his family would not have been able to keep him at home.

Karen Alty (Deputy Headteacher, Holly Grove) discusses the use of Safespaces in schools.

Occupational Therapist Vicky Elton talks about the use of Safespaces in her work.

See how a Safespace is custom designed to fit into an ordinary room and watch it being tested in a studio.

Thomas has just had a Safespace installed and has adapted to it very quickly

Mickie is 16 and has had a Safespace for 4 years. He got a Voyager 3 years ago for holidays and stays in respite.

Designed for individuals with limited mobility and is robust enough for adults and children who may rock, thrash about, push or kick