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A Happy Customer

At Easter we spent 4 nights away from home, visiting relatives. What should have been a pleasant experience gave me plenty of cause to consider the impact that Anna’s Safespace has had on all of our lives. A temporary return to our old lives of sleepless nights, constant worry for Anna’s safety and the subsequent bad-temperedness and exhaustion made me wonder how we ever managed to live like this.

To anyone purchasing a Safespace I would say that my only regret is for the ‘lost’ time we spent before we had it. No, it’s not a miracle cure – Anna still only sleeps for 4 or 5 hours a night – but during the time that she is awake she is calm, happy, and above all unable to hurt herself. Anna’s quality of life has improved tremendously as well as our own. Anna will choose to go into her room now if life is getting a bit manic downstairs, which it frequently does with her 2 siblings at home as well. Now that we are getting ‘normal’ sleep we have found more time for each other and for our children. I have started a part-time job (not rocket science) but a start and something I wouldn’t have contemplated before… The best people to look after these children are their parents; all we need is some help.