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A Safe Haven

Prior to the arrival of the Cosyfit, Holly was sleeping in an inflatable boat to minimise any risk of injury during any night time fits. The bed quickly became a safe haven both for her and us as parents. It meant that we could put her to bed safe in the knowledge that she would be as safe as possible, and that we could relax. Now that the fits are mostly under control, it has become more than a bed – it is a night time play area, a safe, warm den and most of all, the place that she relates sleep with. She can often be found making her own way into her bedroom and into the Cosyfit, and will literally play contentedly through the small hours of the night if she is awake. The positive effect that the bed has had on the lives of all three of us is simply astounding, and it is something that we would thoroughly recommend to others dealing with similar difficulties.