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A specially designed Tiny Cosy

Being a parent of a disabled child brings many challenges and one of the difficulties I faced in particular was bed-time and my son’s sleeping difficulties which resulted in many unhappy and sleepless nights for the whole family. My son’s problems stem from a rare brain condition as well as autism and seizures. He needed a bed that could be tailor-made for his safety and comfort and I struggled for a long time to find one.

Then I discovered Safespaces with the help of my son’s Occupational Therapist. After an initial consultation, Safespaces designed an amazing bed, custom-made to my son’s needs and totally suitable for his night-time environment. My son is now safe and happy in his new bed and is sleeping so much better. This bed has changed our lives in such a positive way. I cannot thank Safespaces enough for designing and providing such a wonderful piece of equipment that has made such a great impact on our lives.

Thank you Safespaces!