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Sleep at last

Our autistic daughter, now four years old, had an extremely erratic sleeping pattern; rarely sleeping longer than four hours; she was hyper-active and often grisly and uncontrollable. We were exhausted, and wondering how we were ever going to continue coping with her on such little sleep ourselves.

Our paediatrician referred us to an Occupational Therapist and eventually a Safespace was suggested. Initially we envisaged that this would mainly be useful for when she was upset and agitated, as it is completely padded and soft inside she wouldn’t be able to harm herself when throwing herself around.

However she has really taken to her Safespace and now she can actually be taken to bed at 8pm, will stay there and even go to sleep! Previously we found it impossible to get her to sleep in bed, and she continually jumped out and fought sleep till she just ‘fizzled out’ on the floor or sofa at about 10pm. Now she seems to actually enjoy going to bed. I am sure this is because she finds the Safespace a calm, safe haven with no distractions inside. It is wonderful to see her settling down to sleep happily and amazingly now she usually sleeps through the night. Even if she does wake up she cannot harm herself on anything. Because of her improved sleep she is a much happier, more contented child (though still hyperactive) and we are beginning to feel a little less like zombies.