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Some peace of mind

I wanted to let you know how we are getting on. Ben’s sleep patterns have not improved (he still won’t sleep on a bed/pillow or with covers) but we can now relax more knowing that Ben is not going to escape, or injure himself, or break any more furniture, and he seems to like his new den. For too long we could not relax, and the crashing and banging noises he made all night were awful. We can still hear him but it is more thudding than knocking, banging and crashing. He is very active inside it and it’s hard to believe how we managed before.

Thanks again for giving us hope and some ‘life’ back. He may not want to sleep, but at least now I can switch off knowing he is safe inside there. The Safespace has afforded us some peace of mind and hope for the future.

Ben’s Safespace has also had a lot of interest from visiting professionals, social workers, parents, and Ben’s special needs school.