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It is unbelieveable!

I just wanted to give you some amazing feedback about the Cosyfit I recently provided for someone. The young man’s parents were sceptical when I first suggested one, but as we had one in our stores, I persuaded them to at least trial it. After all, they had not slept properly for 13 years as he was very unsettled and needy at night so they had nothing to lose! I phoned to see how it was going after approximately 6 weeks.

His father was raving about it. ‘It is unbelievable!’ he said. His son sleeps all night, every night since he’s had it. They are so happy, as they have never had so much sleep. Their son shows his new bed to everyone who visits the house. The only down side is that there is not one in situ where he goes for respite so does not sleep well there. And as he is no longer used to being awake all night, he was too tired to go to school the following day so had to come home to sleep in his Cosyfit! I said I would write to the respite unit and recommend they purchase one.

So well done and thanks for changing this family’s life.