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A huge help

We cannot believe the difference the Safespace has made to Daniel and our family. It has helped us hugely as a family to cope with Daniel, and it has also helped Daniel to cope with his difficulties. Some of the improvements we have seen are:

– Vastly improved sleeping pattern as soon as it was installed, with no change to his medication (bearing in mind that previously he needed medication to help sleep).

–  It is a huge help during Daniel’s periods of anxiety and stress, both for him and the family. It provides safety for Daniel and the rest of the family and gives us peace of mind when he is going through difficult times. It seems to have helped limit his violent outbursts to a minimum.

– It has helped hugely in terms of hygiene around the home.

– His brother assures us it’s very comfy, safe, and has a calming effect when you’re inside and the door is zipped up.

– For the second time since the Safespace was installed Daniel is now in the process of having his medication reduced. This medication has previously kept our son on the island [the Isle of Lewis] where the only other alternative for him was a mainland placement at huge emotional and financial cost. We would not have thought this reduction possible without the Safespace.

As a family we have a happier, more contented boy since the Safespace was fitted, and it has helped massively with the management of his needs and difficulties, way beyond our expectations and hopes.