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The best thing we’ve ever got

The Cosyfit  has just been delivered and the benefits it has provided already are remarkable. My son was unsafe in his own bed, having broken a collarbone falling out, and once being trapped behind the bedroom door, resulting in a callout for the fire brigade and paramedics! I am delighted to report that now he cannot fall out or get trapped anywhere and I am confident that he is completely safe inside the Cosyfit at night.

Even though it has only been a short time since it arrived John’s sleeping pattern has also shown improvements and this has been of great benefit to all the family. For the first time in nearly seven years we overslept due to John’s improved sleep! I can usually rely on him to wake the entire household anywhere between 3am and 6am. Last Monday I was horrified and yet delighted to find that it was 7.30am and no one else was awake!

Thank you for your help. The Cosyfit has improved the quality of life for John and the rest of the family. It’s the best thing we’ve ever got for him.