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Safespaces @ the CDKL5 Research Conference

Safespaces staff, Gill & Sue  have spent a very enjoyable few days here at the 3rd European CDKL5 Research Conference in Solihull Birmingham, meeting many parents & children whose lives are affected by this rare disorder.

Over the course of the last two days many children have spent time napping or chilling in our safe rooms and beds, looking snug & contented. We have learnt at the conference that children with CDKL5 struggle to sleep, sometimes only getting 17{b045ae1534c17c598277bccf0727a09f7429a45844fd7ac654ec9f79a1e6511e} of the sleep they need.

Our company Safespaces, a small family run business, has provided beds & safe rooms to families who have children with severe & complex needs across the UK & abroad for the last 16 years. One of the key things that families report when they have one of our safe rooms or high sided beds installed is that it provides peace of mind.

We have been really impressed by CDKL5UK, the organisers of the conference, in their ability to bring together families & scientists at this unique event. Congratulations on organising such a successful venture.

Our Safespace seems to be helping more than just the children sleep! Here’s a photo of Mark & Gracie Skillicorn relaxing in it during the conference.
Mark & Gracie Skillicorn at the CDKL5 Conference