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BHTA Report “Failing Disabled Children across the UK”

This week the Children’s Equipment Section of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) have launched a report:

“Failing Disabled Children across the UK”

Supporting the health and wellbeing of disabled children has to be a priority of the health service and local authorities.

From a humanitarian point of view we cannot allow children to use equipment which is not suitable and causes them secondary complications.

From a financial point of view it is not cost effective to allow children to undergo these secondary complications when the figures demonstrate that we could prevent these complications and negate the costs of intervening with them.

BHTA and its children’s section member companies have produced the paper to highlight the effects of not taking action.

Here are two links to the report.
1) The original report- The economic benefits of better provision of equipment for disabled and terminally ill children (2014)

2) The updated 2016 report- Failing Disabled Children across the UK (2016)