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Supporting Domodep, our French partners at Autonomic 2017 Lyon

DOMODEP logoNous sommes de retour! Our Safespaces team spent a fantastic couple of days last week in Lyon, with one of our French counterparts, Domodep.  Supplying the French marketplace with our Safespace sensory, custom-made living spaces as well as a comprehensive range of other support products for people with autism, epilepsy and challenging behaviours, Domodep and Safespaces worked in tandem during the event to showcase the customisable options of the Safespace room and the travel and flexible options of the Voyager.

salon handica 2017expo_slogan

The Salon Handica event at the Eurexpo, Lyon is one of eight Autonomic exhibitions across France.   Safespaces and Domodep were able to meet carers, families and professionals and demonstrate just how adaptable and customisable their living spaces can be – for the safety and well-being of carer and family member.  An extremely well-attended event and a flagship exhibition of its kind in Europe, the Autonomic exhibitions takes place annually and are partnered by key organisations and charities across the French disability sector.

“Encouraged and inspired”

Sue King, Business Development Manager at Safespaces said “This was a superb opportunity for us to provide first-hand demonstrations of the practicalities of using our custom-made safe rooms and sleep areas around the home, in schools or simply for respite care or holidays.  We were able to work in tandem with Thierry Boinay and the Domodep team and were both encouraged and inspired by the potential interest and enquiries we received.”

A great show all round – and here’s a short video to prove it! Don’t blink at 42/43 seconds – you may just spot us!