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“A miracle product”: Essex family gain sleep and respite for autistic son

Finding a sleep solution for the family

The Stiles family of Billericay, Essex have been telling of their experiences with their 7-year old autistic son and how they have found their “miracle product” solution to alleviate his insomnia, thanks to the support from Newlife Charity and their provision of a Safespace Voyager bed.

As reported in Essex Live on 24 July 2018, June Stiles, mother to 7-year old Oliver who is on the autistic spectrum with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and a severe learning disability, used to drive for hours to try to appease and settle Oliver.

June tells her story:

“We would have to sit with him as he would get in and out of the bed and didn’t understand it was bedtime.  We would do this because he would jump around and slam himself down. He throws himself around to get pressure on his skin as he likes that contact. It was a big worry for us because he could hit the wall or hit his head. He would cry himself to sleep.”

Help from Newlife

These sleep problems have recurred daily since Oliver was 2 – over 5 years ago.  June found that the Newlife Charity could offer them a Safespaces bed – and he took to it from day (and night) one.   The Safespace Voyager was sent to them from as part of the Newlife Emergency Loan’s Suite and is similar to a travel cot but the sides go all the way around.  June believes that the sense of security and sensory stimulation the Voyager gives to Oliver helps him settle.  Even if he jumps around, he cannot hurt himself and if he wakes in the night, he now goes back to sleep – a first for Oliver and the family.

Billericay Oliver Stiles_EssexLive24July2018

Oliver in his Safespace (Image courtesy EssexLive)

To read more about the new lease of life the Safespace Voyager has brought to the family: You can the read the full story on Essex Live.

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