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Occupational Therapists and Safespaces – a special bond

When families first come to us to explore what a difference a Safespace can make to their lives, our Product Advisors and Technicians start helping straight away.

But they don’t do this alone.  They do this with the back up, support and experience of occupational therapists (OTs) and healthcare professionals.  These specialists are with us from the very start to help us understand the needs of the family member who will use one of the Safespaces products.  We have a special bond with the OT – one that helps families choose the right option.  And that includes signposting families to the best source of funding at the earliest opportunity.

A little OT feedback:

OT and Safespaces 1

The vital role of the OT

OTs and healthcare professionals have helped us develop and customise new Safespaces for autistic children and adults, as well as those with epilepsy or other complex needs. The OT’s role is a vital one as they have first-hand patient knowledge – and often a familiarity with how the Safespaces safe rooms and sleep systems can be adapted for each individual’s circumstances and living space.

Some more OT feedback:

OT and Safespaces 2

And that’s how the OT-Safespaces partnership works at its best.  Read some more of our Success Stories – feedback from OTs, families, schools.

The Special Bond between OTs and Safespaces