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Families and disabled children: Your rights to funding

BHTA collaborates with Newlife to help parents understand their funding rights

Jill Morony Help for Families Launch
The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) have been working with Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children for over a year to find the best ways to help parents of disabled children get the support and funding they need to help their child get essential equipment.  Newlife have commissioned a special report with legal representation from a leading barrister to detail what the law outlines concerning:

  • the rights of disabled children
  • how to source funding for their equipment

Representatives at the BHTA proposed the production of an easy-to-read leaflet designed especially for families.  The result is a simple, jargon-free booklet for families which gives guidance and direction in what their legal rights are, what funding is available for equipment and where to look for help.

Help for Families Your Legal Rights in Getting Help for Your Disabled Child

The information leaflet was officially launched at a Newlife parliamentary event at the House of Commons on 26 November 2018. (Pictured right: Jill Morony, BHTA and Safespaces, at the leaflet launch in the House of Commons and left at the BHTA Scotland Conference, Holyrood)

The law is here to help

Although many people find the law confusing, its primary purpose is offer help to families. This leaflet explains their rights in plain English and will help them understand:

  • which laws can help them and what they are legally entitled to
  • who is legally responsible for the provision of equipment for their child
  • who to reach out to for help if their child is not receiving this support and equipment

Responsibilities and entitlement

Jill Morony, Chair of the BHTA Childrens Equipment Section, played a leading advisory role in the campaign and leaflet’s preparation, content and messaging.  Also Managing Director at Safespaces, Jill and her team have first-hand experience of the current confusion parents and families experience when trying to ascertain their entitlements for their disabled children. She states:

Joshua's Safespace in Telford

A family in their Safespace room

“Families contact us on a regular basis who are confused about whether they are entitled to funding, and if so which agency is responsible for providing it. Some families are under the impression that a learning disability does not qualify as a disability eligible for equipment funding.  The Newlife Barrister Report on the law clarifies where responsibility lies. We are delighted to be launching our easy-read version, which we hope will be an invaluable resource for families.”

You can download your copy of the newly launched Help for Families Your Legal Rights in Getting Help for Your Disabled Child leaflet [PDF].

To find out more about Newlife, visit their website.