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Helping make nursing access easier and more flexible | The Siesta Hi-Lo

The versatility of the Siesta Hi-Lo for occupational therapy

We returned in November 2018 to a Newcastle hospital where we have supplied one of our Siesta adustable Hi-Lo beds.  One of our Product Advisors visited and worked with the Occupational Therapy team at the hospital and recommended the Siesta Hi-Lo option as versatile, strong yet comfortable high-sided bed may be adjusted to accommodate the different height levels at which patient care is needed.

Speaking with the Advanced Paediatric Occupational Therapist responsible for patient care at the hospital, we gained invaluable insight into just how much the versatility of the Siesta Hi-Lo makes a difference to the nursing team and patients.

“The nursing team have found the bed very usable as they administer their nursing care.” states Deborah Gardner.

She continues, explaining how the 3-zipped panel allows a three difference nursing care options:

  • The Lower Zip: for hoisting and administering general nursing care;
  • The Middle Zip: for mid-level medical needs such as suctioning; and
  • The Top Zip: for checking temperatures and traché sites, for example.


Suitable for those with limited mobility the Siesta (static version) and the Siesta Hi-Lo (adjustable height) beds have been designed by the Safespaces team to accommodate people who may have both strength and mobility but do not have the ability to pull themselves up or climb over the high sides.  Its panels can allow access for nursing care to those who varying nursing needs, including access and movement within hoists.

Strength and Adjustability

The Siesta’s robust make-up means it copes under the stresses and strains of kicks, punches and rocking – helping keep everyone safe from injury, falling and any potential risks to themselves or others during seizures.

The Siesta Hi-Lo provides a soft, safe sleeping area with the added benefit of a height adjustable platform – allowing movement within a range of 41cms, with no moving parts or hard surfaces inside the compartment.

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