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Safe and secure to rest, relax and drift off to sleep

This is Mum Emma and son Mason’s story, in Emma’s own words.

“We have a little boy who is 5. He has a disability of severe Autism. He also has global developmental delay, learning disability, non verbal, complex and dysfunctional sensory processing issues as well as physical low muscle tone. Due to all of his disabilities he has challenging and unpredictable behaviours that present themselves due to him being unable to communicate and understand the world around him like he would compared to a child of his own age. All of these issues that he has makes his everyday life a massive struggle….”

Emergency loan from Newlife

“We currently have an emergency Safespaces Voyager in place loaned out to us by Newlife, The Charity for Disabled Children. However, this has to be returned in a few weeks. We have applied for an Occupational Therapist Assessment to enable us to gain a Safespaces bed on a permanent basis. The occupational therapists services are strained and unable to assess our case at the moment due to their own case loads. In doing so our little boy will suffer massively. The bed will have to be sent back and our little boy will be in danger once again.

Before having the bed our boy was in distress on a daily and often hourly basis. He would self-harm, traumatise himself, attack and hit out at others without any known trigger. He was constantly being sent home from school and fast becoming isolated from society. Our family was in crisis, the family works full time and we physically didn’t have the strength to function. We were having to stand guard and do night shifts to ensure the safety of our son. Our little boy has no safety awareness whatsoever and has attempted to escape, jump out of windows and injure himself and others in the process. He does not have the pathways in the brain to understand how to be safe and needs 1:1 support all of the time. Our son was constantly medicated over the prescribed dose age due to lack of sleep and almost prescribed anti-psychotic drugs due to explosive behaviours.

Life couldn’t really get much worse.”

“Amazing progress in school”

“Since having the Safespace Voyager in place our son has not received a single drop of medication, he doesn’t sleep every night but he feels safe and secure to rest and relax and drift off to sleep. His behaviour has improved massively. He hasn’t hurt himself or others at all at home since having the safe bed in place. He is making amazing progress in school and communicating effectively with support of PECS and staff engagement. He is able to attend his SEN groups to socialise and not become isolated, he is happy and is showing positives signs of progressing in all areas of his life.”

“Wakes up every single morning – happy!”

“The Safespace bed has changed our lives, no words could describe what a difference it has made. I am able to read a story at bedtime with my little boy because he is now calm and focused. We are able to promote his mental health and well being and independence due to the set up of the home and the bed being in place. As his parents, we are able to sleep safely knowing that he is asleep or resting safely enough instead of living in fear that we are going to wake up and find him missing or dead. We no longer need to sleep on the bedroom floor while he screams, cried and has meltdowns throughout the night. We can kiss our little boy good night and for him to be at peace with himself and he wakes up every single morning – happy!”

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