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Safespaces Mattress

Safespaces mattresses are covered in strong PVC and are extremely durable. They can be wiped clean and are soil, stain and odour resistant. Single size: 183cm x 91cm x 20cm (rectangular or custom-made for Safespaces). Other sizes are available on request.

Memory Foam Mattress

A top layer of memory foam moulds to the body’s contours for extra comfort. These mattresses are covered in soft and flexible fabric, or our standard heavy duty PVC.

Removable Window Blinds

These can be used to cover viewing panels to create a low stimulation environment.

Visual Deterrent Panels

These custom made panels conceal the gap between a Safespace & the wall and are recommended for anyone who is inclined to enter this gap.

Floor Mats and Padded Wall Panels

Safespaces can supply a range of floor mats and padded wall panels in custom-made sizes and foam types to your specifications. Please let us know the sizes you require.

Safe Play and Soft Furniture

Our safe play shapes are made to order, and include slides, cubes, wedges and cylinders in a range of sizes. We also make soft foam furniture, including chairs and sofas. They are made of the same robust, quality materials as all of our equipment.

Projector Set

Our projector set offers a range of colour and picture wheel options, instantly creating delightful effects and colourful, imaginary worlds in subdued lighting. The projector can be directed through the netting roof or a viewing panel of the Safespace, or against a wall, where it can be enjoyed, while the equipment remains safely out of harm’s way.

Solar 100 set contains;

  • Solar 100 LED projector with
  • 1/2 RPM Wheelsafe rotator
  • 1 liquid wheel
  • 1 picture wheel


We now have an extensive choice of effects & picture wheels available. Contact us to discuss options



Fibre Optics Kit

Fibre Optics Kit

Our Fibre Optics kit provides colour-changing light along the whole 200cm length of the 100 strands, creating a range of enchanting effects, including a ‘starry sky’ when draped over the netting ceiling of the Safespace. The effect is both engaging and calming.  The strands are safe to handle and suitable for use (under supervision) in the Safespace, Siesta and Cosyfit.

Each kit contains:

  • Super bright LED light-source
  • 100 strand x 200cm sideglow strands (phalate free)
  • Colour wheel







Medpage Model MP5V2 Epileptic Seizure Movement Detection Alarm

This epilepsy monitor can be used with all Safepace rooms, Voyagers and Hi Lo beds. It is designed to detect a variety of seizure types, including Tremor, Tonic phase and seizures that cause limb twitching movements. The high performance sensor and control software positively identifies seizure movement from a sleeping person, ignoring usual sleeping movements. It transmits an alarm to the carer’s pagers, with a working range of 100M (2 supplied). The sensor (300mm x 200mm x 10mm) has a sensitivity control to allow adjustment for patient body weight and bed/cot mattress type. A permissible movement alarm delay also has a control dial, allowing adjustment from 2 – 30 seconds. This setting allows a person to turn over, or reposition themselves without an alarm generated. The monitor is suitable for all ages babies – adults (conditions apply). It has tamperproof settings and comes with a 3 year warranty.

edpage Model MP5V2 Epileptic Siezure Movement Detection Alarmedpage Model MP5V2 Epileptic Siezure Movement Detection Alarm