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Hugely successful | October 5, 2012

In our school the Safespace has been used for one individual child, this was put in place as an area to calm down in and control and minimise violent outbursts. A strategy for use was put in place by our members of staff and the Autism Outreach Teacher. To date, this has been hugely successful; the child has a safe...

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Relax – reduce anxiety – feel safe | September 10, 2012

After just one night in a Safespace Johnny had the first night of unbroken sleep since birth, for the previous 11 years he had slept a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Safespaces cut out many sensory impressions that otherwise overwhelm and arouse our pupils. Being in a Safespace helps the child to relax, reduce their anxiety and promotes...

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Extremely flexible spaces |

We use the Safespaces for a number of purposes, it very much depends on the needs of the children. Some children have used them for child initiated time out which helps them to regulate their own behaviours, some for a sensory experience with resources added to meet needs, some as a dark den calming space which can offer a private...

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A real asset |

We are a large open-plan mainstream school. Our Safespace is located in the canteen. It is used for both a chill out area for sensory breaks with lights and toys and as a calming down area. It is primarily used for one individual with severe autism. It is detailed in the behaviour protocol as the most suitable place for the...

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A big leap for his independence | April 2, 2012

We are thrilled with Charlie's safe space. Our prior concerns as to whether he would accept such a big change to his sleeping routine were completely unfounded - he strolled in there on the first night with a huge big smile, a happy squeak and threw himself down into bed happily! This is a big leap for his independence and...

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Great holiday for all | July 25, 2011

We recently went away to a specialist outdoors activity centre who cater for all needs.  Due to this amazing bed we were all able to sleep soundly knowing that our daughter would be safe.

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Worth every single penny | March 2, 2011

Connor has settled in his Safespace quite quickly and seems to really enjoy his own space. For the first time in 10 years he has slept soundly all night long for 4 nights in a row this week. The Safespace is worth every single penny and thank you so much for making our lives so much better.

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The best thing we’ve ever got |

The Cosyfit  has just been delivered and the benefits it has provided already are remarkable. My son was unsafe in his own bed, having broken a collarbone falling out, and once being trapped behind the bedroom door, resulting in a callout for the fire brigade and paramedics! I am delighted to report that now he cannot fall out or get...

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Improvement to the safety of staff and pupils | November 15, 2010

I am very happy to recommend Safespaces to schools with pupils with Special Educational Needs. We have found that the use of a Safespace can very often prove a much better alternative to the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention, particularly where pupils are tactile defensive or need time away from others.  Pupils are able to self-calm away from the gaze of...

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A huge help |

We cannot believe the difference the Safespace has made to Daniel and our family. It has helped us hugely as a family to cope with Daniel, and it has also helped Daniel to cope with his difficulties. Some of the improvements we have seen are: - Vastly improved sleeping pattern as soon as it was installed, with no change to his...

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