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A first for Sarah | November 18, 2009

Everything is great about the Cosyfit Hi-Lo. Sarah is now safe and if she headbangs or throws herself around she doesn't hurt herself. I love the fact that it comes in girly pink and is very spacious. She loved her bed within 10 minutes and she hates change so that's a first!

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Ideal for our purposes |

We are a short break unit and therefore need to cater for all manner of disabilities. The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is ideal for our purposes, it has resolved several issues that we had. We use it instead of a hospital bed with cot sides and it is much safer. We now have children able to watch TV in bed (through the...

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Fantastic |

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is fantastic. Toby is able to sleep in a safe environment and I can sleep sound in the knowledge that he can’t fall out of bed or injure himself. It also gives me the option of putting him in a secure place where he can play/rest safely if I need to do a job/get washed & dressed...

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