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Most people who have Safespaces products have received funding to buy them. We can offer information and support regarding funding options.We have a good relationship with a number of charities who provide funds and can talk you through the best options for you to consider. Safespaces products have either been bought as freestanding pieces of equipment or as fixtures as part of housing adaptations.

Disabled Facilities Grant

Many local authorities fund Safespaces products through Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG). These grants are used to pay for additional facilities or home adaptations which improve the level of independence of a disabled person or make caring for him or her easier. A Safespace is classed as a home adaptation and therefore can be funded by a DFG.  

The grant is not means tested if the disabled person is under 18, but you will be required to undergo a means test if they are 18 or over before a grant can be obtained. The current maximum grant is £30,000.

An occupational therapist will be required to formally access your circumstances in order to recommend a Safespaces product for a grant. You will need to contact your local authority to organise a visit from the occupational therapist, if you don’t already have one.  If he or she would like us to explain how our products might be able to help or how they meet the criteria for a DFG then please ask them to get in touch.

We also have details of local authorities which have funded a Safespace using the Disabled Facilities Grant and we are more than happy to put your occupational therapist or council in touch with other, often neighbouring councils who have been through the approval process.

Social Services grants

Generally there are a few different budgets available. Typically they are Equipment or Adaptations budgets. The Safespace can be supplied as a free-standing piece of equipment and it can also be viewed as a room adaptation. Our beds and travel products are often bought using the Equipment budget.

Community Equipment Services

Safespaces products are also bought through Community Equipment Services. They are then loaned out to you on a long term basis, but remain the property of the hospital or loan store. Your paediatrician, O.T. or social worker may be able to advise you whether your hospital is likely to do this for you. Community Equipment Services may be funded by the local authority or NHS or both. Ask your OT, community nurse or social worker for information.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Clinical Commissioning Groups have also funded all Safespaces products. Contact your Occupational Therapist or healthcare professional to find out more.

NHS Budgets

Safespaces products are also purchased through NHS Budgets for  people to have them at home or in order to access treatment in hospital in an appropriate bed.

Charitable Funding

Many people pay for their Safespaces product through Charitable funding. Most charities will expect you to try and apply for funding through statutory sources such as DFG or Social Services grants through your OT or healthcare worker before they will consider your application. We have a list of charities who have funded Safespaces products.


If the product is being purchased for a disabled person through funds from DFG, a registered charity or by a family who are paying for it themselves, VAT will not be charged.

We hope this information is helpful. If you want to know where to start please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.