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Fantastic | November 18, 2009

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo is fantastic. Toby is able to sleep in a safe environment and I can sleep sound in the knowledge that he can’t fall out of bed or injure himself. It also gives me the option of putting him in a secure place where he can play/rest safely if I need to do a job/get washed & dressed...

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A Safe Haven |

Prior to the arrival of the Cosyfit, Holly was sleeping in an inflatable boat to minimise any risk of injury during any night time fits. The bed quickly became a safe haven both for her and us as parents. It meant that we could put her to bed safe in the knowledge that she would be as safe as possible,...

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Over the moon |

We are over the moon with the bed and it has helped us greatly in our care for Sarah. She took to the bed right away and has settled into a good sleep routine which she never had before. We are happy to recommend your services to all our friends most of whom have disabled children also.

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A specially designed Tiny Cosy |

Being a parent of a disabled child brings many challenges and one of the difficulties I faced in particular was bed-time and my son's sleeping difficulties which resulted in many unhappy and sleepless nights for the whole family. My son's problems stem from a rare brain condition as well as autism and seizures. He needed a bed that could be...

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An invaluable investment |

Holly Grove is a Primary School for pupils aged 3-11 years with Generic Learning Difficulties. This includes pupils with Profound and Complex needs, Severe or Mild Learning Difficulties and pupils with Autism and/or Challenging Behaviour. Initially when I discussed purchasing a Safespace for our school, some of the staff had reservations. They said, 'It looked like a padded cell!' Questions...

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Indispensible! |

We couldn't live without ours. It's a safe environment where we can take our pupils and we know that they will be safe in there. It is fabulous. We use it for sensory purposes and intensive interaction with our pupils, not just for dealing with challenging behaviours. It plays a big part of our classroom environment. It is indispensable!

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In the Comfort Zone |

My son has autism and severe learning difficulties and from the age of 2 when he came out of his cot, I have had to sleep in his bedroom with him every night to ensure that he was safe. He only sleeps for about 3 hours a night and if left unsupported will seriously self harm. By the time he...

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A Happy Customer |

At Easter we spent 4 nights away from home, visiting relatives. What should have been a pleasant experience gave me plenty of cause to consider the impact that Anna's Safespace has had on all of our lives. A temporary return to our old lives of sleepless nights, constant worry for Anna's safety and the subsequent bad-temperedness and exhaustion made me...

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Calmer, Contented, Happier |

The Safespace is great and Connor absolutely loves it. I can't tell you what a huge difference it has made to the whole family. Connor's behaviour has improved dramatically because he is actually sleeping for about 8-10 hours now. Before we had the Safespace we were lucky if he slept for more than 4 hours a night. As I'm sure you...

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Safety at home for James |

At one point James was chipping plaster off his walls and eating it. It was getting to the point where I didn't know what to do, and we were ready to call social services to tell them we couldn't have him at home any longer. When I heard of Safespaces I got in touch with social services and they helped...

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