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Indispensible! | November 18, 2009

We couldn't live without ours. It's a safe environment where we can take our pupils and we know that they will be safe in there. It is fabulous. We use it for sensory purposes and intensive interaction with our pupils, not just for dealing with challenging behaviours. It plays a big part of our classroom environment. It is indispensable!

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In the Comfort Zone |

My son has autism and severe learning difficulties and from the age of 2 when he came out of his cot, I have had to sleep in his bedroom with him every night to ensure that he was safe. He only sleeps for about 3 hours a night and if left unsupported will seriously self harm. By the time he...

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A Happy Customer |

At Easter we spent 4 nights away from home, visiting relatives. What should have been a pleasant experience gave me plenty of cause to consider the impact that Anna's Safespace has had on all of our lives. A temporary return to our old lives of sleepless nights, constant worry for Anna's safety and the subsequent bad-temperedness and exhaustion made me...

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Calmer, Contented, Happier |

The Safespace is great and Connor absolutely loves it. I can't tell you what a huge difference it has made to the whole family. Connor's behaviour has improved dramatically because he is actually sleeping for about 8-10 hours now. Before we had the Safespace we were lucky if he slept for more than 4 hours a night. As I'm sure you...

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Safety at home for James |

At one point James was chipping plaster off his walls and eating it. It was getting to the point where I didn't know what to do, and we were ready to call social services to tell them we couldn't have him at home any longer. When I heard of Safespaces I got in touch with social services and they helped...

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Some peace of mind |

I wanted to let you know how we are getting on. Ben's sleep patterns have not improved (he still won't sleep on a bed/pillow or with covers) but we can now relax more knowing that Ben is not going to escape, or injure himself, or break any more furniture, and he seems to like his new den. For too long...

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Sleep at last |

Our autistic daughter, now four years old, had an extremely erratic sleeping pattern; rarely sleeping longer than four hours; she was hyper-active and often grisly and uncontrollable. We were exhausted, and wondering how we were ever going to continue coping with her on such little sleep ourselves. Our paediatrician referred us to an Occupational Therapist and eventually a Safespace was...

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Invaluable |

I am writing to thank you and all those involved in Rachel's Safespace. Mum reports that Rachel is sleeping for slightly longer periods and then when she does awake, she is now able to safely play, and will sometimes do so without trying to gain adult attention, which affords Mum a little more valuable sleep! Rachel will seek out her...

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An excellent idea |

I have seen a picture of Anne's Safespace and have been told that she loves it. Thank you for all your advice and support to get this sorted, I am really pleased with the result. Your products are an excellent idea and are always made to a high standard.

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