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Over 14 years ago we installed a Safespace in Halifax and were delighted to recently receive this feedback from her mum Rachel:
Happy New Year ! Here is a brief update to let you know how Hannah is doing.I wanted to let you see that the Safespace is still working for Hannah and how it has really helped with her night time routine.
This has barely changed over the years and Hannah very rarely objects to going to bed at bed time. She is usually very keen to go and will even let us know in her own way if she wants to go to bed early. She still finds the Safespace a calm and relaxing place to be. If she wakes in the night she will usually chat to herself – and we continue to have peace of mind knowing that she is safe. It’s hard to believe that it’s over 14 years since Hannah got her Safespace. I confess we now take it for granted but I don’t like to think how things may have turned out for us without it.
Hannah's Safespace
Click here to watch the film of Hannah 6 years after it was installed.