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Michelle Higgs, Kennel Lane School, Bracknell

“We currently have 2 Safespaces at school and they are used throughout the day by many students for a range of purposes.  The main use is for time away to help with self -regulation- this is usually a choice made by the student, sometimes they are directed to go there for some time. Once in the Safespace the students calm quickly.

Students with Sensory needs use the Safespaces for Sensory activities throughout the day, sometimes with mats and other OT equipment, however some students use the walls in the space to get feedback from when they push against them.

Using Safespace has helped to improve behaviour across the school- limiting the need for restrictive physical interventions. It helps the students to be in control of their behaviour as they know they have the choice to go somewhere and let off steam safely without the need for adult intervention. This is particularly useful with our students who are on the Autism spectrum with severe learning and sensory processing difficulties.

We would consider more Safespaces in the future as we have many students requiring quiet time away from their peers in a safe place”.