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HH, Sussex

“We got the Voyager on Friday, and Dexter was a bit unsure about it and we had to be a bit patient to get him to settle. By Sunday he was getting used to it and slept through the night for the first time in 7 years. Dexter is nearly 8 and had not slept like this since he was 6 months old! Our normal routine was holding him very tight to reduce the anxiety brought on by his massive sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Even when he eventually got to sleep he remained unsettled through the night and regularly needed bottles of milk 4 times to help him settle again. We were able to watch TV at 9 o’clock for the first time in years knowing Dexter was safely fast asleep.”

Dexter and Helen’s Safespace journey with their Voyager loan from Newlife The Childrens Charity was also featured in the Sussex Express and Kent and Sussex Courier in December 2018.