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JC, West Yorkshire

“I really do feel the need to write to you and say the biggest THANK YOU I have ever said. I have had a Safespace fitted for just 2 weeks and already it has changed our lives. The service I have received from your company from consultation (I had many many questions) to design and fitting were all exemplary. My son is 26 years old with the development delay of a child under 1.  He has severe epilepsy and behaviours that challenge on an exceptional level.  He has rarely had an undisturbed night and has for the first time in his life slept soundly throughout the night…not just 1 night but so far 5 nights in a row!!!  You can imagine that this had had an amazing effect on his mood, his behaviour and his epilepsy. Needless to say the effect on us (his parents) had been phenomenal….we feel human.

I cannot express the difference it is already having on our lives.  He enjoys having his own space and the comfort we as parents feel knowing he is safe is the best feeling in the world.  26 years of hard struggle are now becoming a little bit easier.  It is never too late to make a change and I am so glad I came across your fantastic company and would recommend your products to any one who has an exceptional child or adult.”