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Joanne, Walsall

Our Safespace has changed our lives and has had an impact on everyone in the family.
Danny has a safe area in the home that he feels safe and calm, he loves his Safespace and knows this is his den and others need to gain his permission to enter. We are also experiencing less melt downs. His brothers were able to sleep better at night, especially whilst going through exams at school and I am able to relax and sleep better knowing Danny is safe all night.
The Safespace is also every easy to clean and dry. I also recommend having the white wall on the back, this will be better for projectors, again this has a calming effect on Danny.
The staff at Safespace are so friendly and helpful when ever I have had to call for advise and has been a pleasure to meet. When we wanted to re-carpet the room, the staff that came out were very helpful when they came out to move the Safespace. This is more then a bed, this is a necessity for anyone with autism.
Thank you again for giving us our lives back!!