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JS, Essex

Our son Oliver, 7, has been diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and a severe learning disability. We would have to sit with him as he would get in and out of the bed and didn’t understand it was bedtime.  We would do this because he would jump around and slam himself down. He throws himself around to get pressure on his skin as he likes that contact. It was a big worry for us because he could hit the wall or hit his head. He would cry himself to sleep. He would then wake up at 2am and would be up for the rest of the day – which was really exhausting.

We were told about this Safespace bed…A few parents had used it and said it helped their child. It is similar to a travel cot but the sides go all the way round. He hasn’t cried himself to sleep since he got his new bed, even if he jumps around he can’t hurt himself and there are no sharp edges. If he does wake up in the night he goes back to sleep, which is like a miracle as he has never been able to do that before.

It has changed our family’s life and made a huge difference. People don’t quite know how difficult it is raising a child with autism until you live it.