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MS, School Teacher, Perthshire

“Safespaces cut out many sensory impressions that otherwise overwhelm and arouse our pupils. Being in a Safespace helps the child to relax, reduce their anxiety & promotes a feeling of safety.

For one of our pupils the Safespace is one of the few places he is actually safe at night. The Safespace means that he is unable to access any plugs, radiators or other objects that he might use inappropriately. This has meant that he now sleeps between 8 and 9 hours a night & no longer engages in risky daytime behaviour.

For some of our pupils who engage in self injurious behaviour the Safespace provides a truly safe space. The Safespace limits any sensory feedback as well as preventing any harm to the pupil so this quickly promotes a de-escalation and keeps both the pupil and staff safe.

We have had our staff as well as members of my family sleep in Safespaces and all have enjoyed it saying that it provides a lovely cosy sleeping environment”.