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"Mikey can now stay at his grandma's as she doesn't need to worry at night"

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"I can’t believe the difference it has made to our family. My son's sleeping pattern has improved."

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"I am able to read a story at bedtime with my little boy because he is now calm and focused."

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Making nursing access easier and more flexible

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Safespace Films

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 1 - Managing Challenging Behaviours

Kaleb's mum explains how their Safespace® has helped Kaleb to manage challenge behaviours and how the family home is now a much calmer environment.

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 2 - Improved Sleep

Kaleb's Safespace® helped to improve his sleep and keep him safe through the night. Over the years this had a positive impact on both Kaleb and his family.

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 3 - Transition from child to adulthood

As Kaleb navigated through puberty the Safespace® helped him to manage challenging behaviours at home. Kaleb's mum explains the challenges in keeping him safe whilst at School and in respite.

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Which Safespace product is right for us?


Safe room with strong, soft sides for daytime use, or sleep

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Safespace~ Hi-Lo

Enclosed height adjustable bed with strong, soft sides

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Safespace Siesta~

Strong high sided bed with soft walls

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Safespace Siesta~ Hi-Lo

Strong high sided bed with soft walls and height adjustable base

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High sided bed or safe area with padded walls

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Cosyfit Hi-Lo~

Height adjustable, high sided bed with Trendelenburg option

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Cosyfit Hi-Lo~ (Electric Profiling)

Height adjustable bed with strong, soft sides

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Safespace Voyager~

Easily transportable travel bed for holidays and respite

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Safespace Voyager~ Compact

Compact, easily transportable travel bed for holidays and respite

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Waterproof mattresses, tough mattresses, fibre optics, projectors, soft play and sensory equipment

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If you are unsure which safe room or bed best suits your needs, let us Help You Choose


Attractive, safe, living and sleeping spaces for people with complex needs

Do you know someone with complex needs? If you are a family member, carer, health or education professional struggling to create the right environment for someone with complex needs, including learning disabilities, Autism, epilepsy or challenging behaviours, we may be able to help.

  • Unsafe in an ordinary room or bed?
  • Sleep or challenging behaviours an issue?
  • Want to create a sensory or therapeutic space?
  • Looking for a bed you can take away on holiday or for travel?
  • Need an appropriate bed to enable someone to access medical treatment, respite or care?

Our customised safe rooms, high sided and hi-lo beds are used at home, in schools, hospitals and respite centres across the UK and worldwide. You can buy or rent a product designed to meet your specific requirements. We provide steam cleaning, and maintenance options.

Get in touch! If you would like more information, or to see any of our products please contact us by phone, web chat or email to discuss your needs

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COVID-19: How those with Disabilities must not be treated differently | April 6, 2020

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is an agency of the National Health Service charged with promoting clinical excellence in NHS service providers in England and Wales. They are responsible for developing guidance and recommendations on the effectiveness of treatments and medical procedures. On 20 March 2020, NICE published its first 3 rapid guidelines for healthcare practitioners...

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We are still here for you – get in touch! | March 26, 2020

Against all odds, Safespaces are fully operational. During these worrying times with many people confined to their homes, it may feel like resources and equipment are even harder to access for groups with complex needs. As a manufacturer of essential high sided beds and safe rooms, we are pleased to have been given ‘Key Worker’ status. Our office staff are...

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