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Safespaces have proved invaluable in special and mainstream schools all over the country

Safespace Light Blue

They provide a calm, low stimulation environment, an asset in busy classrooms. Safespaces can help where there is a wide range of needs amongst students. We recommend you watch our films showing how Safespaces are used in schools. Hear feedback from Education Professionals in Our Success Stories about how they have used one or more Safespaces in their school. We can offer a free demonstration at your school, where we can show a Safespace to teachers, occupational therapists and parents and answer any questions. Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

A calm space

A Safespace can provide a low stimulation area, which pupils can use to settle in, or have quiet time in a busy classroom.  Pupils can use the Safespace as a means of managing their own behaviour, by requesting time in it when they recognise their stress levels are rising.

Therapy and sensory space

Safespaces are used as one to one therapy spaces and as safe areas in which to enjoy sensory equipment. Time in a sensory Safespace can be offered as part of positive reinforcement. The netting roof, viewing panels and optional white wall allow for the use of projectors and sensory lighting. We can provide sensory lighting, soft play shapes and furniture, in order to create a beautiful and safe, sensory environment.

Crisis management

Many schools offer parents the option for a Safespace to be used as part of a crisis management plan for their child. It can help reduce the incidence of crisis situations and be used as part of a restraint reduction plan. It can offer a less restrictive option than manual “holding” to prevent physical injury to others from an agitated student. This can mean that relationships with staff members are not damaged by the use of more restrictive practices. The Safespace may be positioned in the corner of a classroom to allow a rapid response to incidents and enable the pupil to return to the group more quickly

safespace schools

Versatility and Practicality

A Safespace can be installed with minimal disruption to the classroom, avoiding the need for structural building work and so reduces costs. It can be dismantled and moved to where it is most needed, for example, when a pupil or class moves to a new classroom. This is a key reason why many schools have chosen a Safespace instead of room padding. Training in moving a Safespace is available upon request.

A Safespace can be made to measure to fit a small classroom, or placed in the corner of a larger classroom or hall. Most schools choose our standard 200cm x 200cm Safespace in light blue with a dark blue floor. This requires a minimum clear floor area of 2.5m x 2.5m.

We can also provide a custom designed Safespace for either a  smaller room or a large classroom or hall. Detachable window blinds can be supplied to provide privacy or to create a low stimulation environment. For a written quote and design, please download our Design Your Safespace – Schools Pack

Contact us for a Technical specification and to discuss individuals requirements.


Non-zip window

Our standard non-zip window, made of clear PVC, provides a viewing panel to enable the user to see what’s going on in the classroom or for staff to observe a pupil.

Single door with porthole

This feature can help to provide a low stimulation environment, but retain the opportunity for observation.

Roll up wall

A large roll-up wall with a zip can aid access to the Safespace

Projection Wall

A white wall is an excellent background onto which images can be projected when the Safespace is being used as a sensory environment. We can also supply projector kits.

Soft foam floor

All Safespaces come with a 7.5cm soft foam floor, which is suitable for pupils to sit or lie on. A mattress can also be supplied if needed.

Water-resistant floor and walls seams

Essential where there are multiple users of the Safespace

Viewing panels

These can be added to enable the person using the Safespace to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment situated outside the Safespace. These can vary in size as appropriate. If a very low stimulation environment is required, we would not recommend the addition of viewing panels.

Visual Deterrent Panels

These panels conceal the gap between the Safespace & the wall and are recommended for anyone who is inclined to enter this gap