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Safespaces Films

Safespace in Millwood School, Bury

Jill Tierney, Head of Behaviours at Millwood Primary Special School, School for the Future, talks about how the five Safespaces they have, help meet a wide range of needs of pupils at the school. These include, sensory needs, communication, intensive interaction, behaviour self management, and reducing the incidence of crises. She describes how Safespaces help children to prepare for learning.

Joseph' Siesta Hi-Lo

Joseph has had a Cosyfit since 2011. Today he is having a Siesta Hi-Lo installed to meet his changing needs. Hear his mum, Chrissie, discuss the features of the Siesta Hi-Lo and see Joseph's reaction to his new bed.

Hannah's Safespace 15 years on

After 15 years, Hannah 's Safespace is being replaced with a new model, designed to meet her changing needs. The Safespace has helped Hannah and her family manage her challenging behaviours, and she now sleeps much better, benefiting the whole family. Hannah's Safespace was funded by Newlife – the Charity for Disabled Children.

Thomas' Safespace - 9 years on

Thomas' Safespace allowed him to grow up, living at home with his family. Now an adult, Thomas lives with other young adults. His mum has donated the Safespace to another family.

Mikey's Voyager Compact

When Mikey was young, the taller Safespace Voyager suited him well. 9 years on, he is much calmer and much prefers the cosy sleep space that the Voyager Compact provides.

Voyager® Product Demonstration

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 1 - Managing Challenging Behaviours

Kaleb's mum explains how their Safespace has helped Kaleb to manage challenge behaviours and how the family home is now a much calmer environment.

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 2 - Improved Sleep

Kaleb's Safespace helped to improve his sleep and keep him safe through the night. Over the years this had a positive impact on both Kaleb and his family.

Kaleb's Safespace® Part 3 - Transition from child to adulthood

As Kaleb navigated through puberty the Safespace helped him to manage challenging behaviours at home. Kaleb's mum explains the challenges in keeping him safe whilst at School and in respite.

Teddy's Cosyfit

See how the Cosyfit has brought peace of mind and calmer bedtimes to Teddy & Joseph's parents, reducing the worry of seizures and disturbed sleep patterns. An Occupational Therapist describes the benefits the Cosyfit brings to clients who are unsafe in an ordinary bed.

Thomas' Safespace® - Managing challenging behaviour

Thomas' mum explains how their Safespace® has helped Thomas and the family to manage challenge behaviours and how it has reduced stress for the whole family.

Hannah's Safespace

Hannah's Safespace helped to keep her safe and sleep much better, benefiting Hannah & her whole family. See what happened after 15 years by watching the next film about Hannah.

Occupational Therapists & Safespaces

Occupational Therapist Vicky Elton talks about the use of Safespaces in her work and how they have helped families to stay safe, sleep better and help to accommodate changing needs.

Safespaces in Schools

Hear Karen Alty (Deputy Headteacher, Holly Grove) discuss with a pupil how the Safespace has helped a him to manage his own behaviour.

Max's Safespace® - Keeping families together

Max used his Safespace® for twelve years. Without it his family would not have been able to keep him at home due to his challenging behaviour. Max can now self soothe thanks to the Safespace®

Exhibition with Safespaces from Occupational Therapy Show 2015

A short video that was filmed by "Rob Underwood Media" from the BBC. This was filmed whilst we were exhibiting at the Occupational Therapy Show 2015 at the Birmingham NEC.

What is a Safespace®?

A Safespace® is a custom designed, versatile, soft, durable, sleep and relaxation space for anyone who may be unsafe in an ordinary room.

Mickies Safespace Voyager®

Mickie is 16 and has had a Safespace® for 4 years. He got a Safespace Voyager® 3 years ago for holidays, stays in respite & trips to visit family.