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Safespace Voyager

A safe, transportable bed for holidays and trips away from home

Who it’s for

New water bags on the Voyager, our safe travel bed

The Voyager travel bed is designed for holidays and respite care for those who need a low stimulation, safe environment for sleeping in. It is particularly useful for those with autism and who find change difficult, as it provides a consistent calm area that can be transported in the boot of a car, or taken as hold luggage on flights. If the person using the Voyager travel bed has a Safespaces product at home, they will find the transition to other accommodation easier using a Voyager. The Voyager,incorporating many design features of the Safespace, will feel familiar to Safespace users, providing a sense of security and continuity.

To check suitability please see the product information sheet on our website or contact us.

Visit our films page to see the Voyager in use or see Our Success Stories to hear how other families have used their Voyager or Voyager Compact.


Going away on holiday – or even a short visit – can seem like an impossible dream for many parents and carers struggling with behavioural issues and safety concerns. The Voyager provides a safe, low-stimulation environment, in which a person can settle at night when away from home. The soft walls and floor mean there are no hard surfaces inside, reducing the risk of injury. Carers and family can relax – a real holiday for everyone!

“We recently went away to a specialist outdoors activity centre. Due to this amazing bed we were all able to sleep soundly knowing our daughter would be safe”

Rachael, Cumbria


The Voyager is a free-standing structure, consisting of a robust, but lightweight, aluminium frame, from which the soft sides can flex out on impact, requiring a clearance of 30cm from any hard surface. It has an integral PVC netting roof, with standing room inside. It comes with a system of water-filled ballast bags which create additional stability. A securely fitted inflatable mattress (with pump included), provides a comfortable, but easily transportable base. Several fun viewing panels and the white PVC netting walls, allow carers to

see in, and help to create a sense of space for the person inside.

The Voyager packs away into 2 transport bags and is supplied with complete assembly instructions plus a helpful DVD. With practice, the Voyager can be assembled in 10 minutes.



Foam mattress – ideal when the Voyager is staying in the same location e.g. when used for respite.

Additional water-filled ballast bags – supplied empty.

For more details see Accessories.


(Assembled) Internal length, width and height 194cm x 72.5cm x 161cm

(Assembled) External length, width and height  211cm x 152cm x 206cm

Packed Dimensions & Weight

Holdall 1: 117cm x 38cm x 30 cm – 20kg

Holdall 2:  117cm x 38cm x 30 cm – 15k

The Voyager needs a clearance of 35cm on all sides

Contact us for a Technical specification and to discuss individuals requirements.


A compact, transportable bed for holidays and trips away from home

Where a full height Voyager is not required, the Voyager Compact may be suitable. Using the Same, strong materials, the Voyager Compact is a version of our popular travel product with lower walls, resulting in a lighter, small package making it an easily transportable travel bed. It’s lower height makes it stable enough for most adults as well as more boisterous children and it doesn’t require water bags.


(Assembled) internal length, width and height 185cm x 71cm x 99cm

(Assembled) external length, width and height 216cm x 150cm x 138.5cm

Packed Dimensions & Weight

Holdall 1: 100cm x 37cm x 24cm – 10.5kg

Holdall 2: 100cm x 37cm x 24cm – 16kg

Contact us for a Technical specification and to discuss individuals requirements.


safespace voyager compact2safespace voyager compact2